Russian Bear

This special massage is designed for tight forearms, wrists, stiff necks and shoulders. Using a Eucalyptus gel, this full-body treatment will restore your body to optimal condition, providing a deep, strong massage to alleviate soreness and muscle tension.

50 minutes $130 | 80 minutes $199 | 110 min $265

Custom Massage

Combining therapeutic massage practices from around the world, this therapy uses specific rhythmic massage movements to combat the stress of modern life and re-energize the mind, leaving you with a feeling of complete wellbeing and vitality.

50 minutes $130 | 80 minutes $199 | 110 min $265

Deep Flow Massage

A deep, therapeutic massage utilizing flowing techniques to unlock muscles and free energy blockages for a tension-relieving experience unlike any other. This is ideal for those who prefer deeper muscle work or who are challenged by high levels of daily stress, and is especially suitable for athletes.

50 minutes $130 | 80 minutes $199 | 110 min $265

Hot Stone Massage

Let your mind drift and your spirit soar as these warm sea stones glide over muscles, melting away stress and tension. These stones are also used as massage tools for deeper penetration of the muscles.

80 minutes $199

Swedish Massage

A traditional Swedish-based massage using moderate pressure and long, fluid strokes for a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience.

50 minutes $100 | 80 minutes $150 | 110 min $200

Couples Retreat Massage

Enjoy, relax and unwind side by side as you receive a custom massage in your own candlelit private retreat. This is a custom package, so pricing is based on treatment choices.

50 and 80 minutes sessions available.

Voda Signature Four Hand Massage

Experience the soothing decadence of four hands flowing over your body like the ocean waves. A luxurious treatment where two therapists work in unison, designed to give you an extraordinary oasis of relaxation.

50 minutes $275 | 80 minutes $360

Prenatal Massage (please call to schedule)

50 minutes $130

voda spa has a 24 hour cancellation policy