From the day spa to the day resort...

A blend of old world spa traditions and modern luxury, voda spa redefines the day spa experience in Los Angeles. The calming and expansive interior is reminiscent of a vacation resort, making voda the first “day resort” in the city.

A visit to voda spa is also a multicultural experience, with treatments and saunas that reflect cultures from across the globe, including the traditional Russian sauna – the banya. voda spa is an opportunity to participate in these healing and revitalizing customs in an elegant and contemporary environment.

Most importantly, visitors to voda spa are encouraged to stay for a few hours, dedicating time to personal relaxation and enjoyment. “Taking the waters” is best done at a leisurely pace - relishing in the sequence of the banya, indulging in a revitalizing massage or facial, enjoying a gentle soak in the Jacuzzi, and finishing it all off with a delicious meal and cocktail. The spa can be a place for conversation and community or quiet contemplation. Everything one could need for a day of pampering and leisure is available at voda spa, all under one roof.

Banya Tradition...

Russians throughout the ages, from peasant farmers to Peter the Great, have enjoyed the banya as a method of purification, healing and rejuvenation, and as a social hub of the community. Originally meaning “the people’s first doctor,” the banya is quickly regaining popularity as we seek relief from the demands of modern times.

At voda spa, a variety of world traditions are taken into consideration, as among the four saunas are a Swedish/Finnish cedar dry sauna, a Turkish wet steam bath, and two Russian banyas, one ‘wet,’ the other ‘dry’. Each of the banyas is filled with hundreds of pounds of superheated rocks, producing a pleasantly intense heat.

The traditional banya ritual is simple and can be repeated several times throughout a visit to the spa. After taking a quick shower, you step inside the banya and sit or lay on one of the lower benches - the heat is more intense the higher you sit. After taking a good sweat, you rinse off in the shower and immediately immerse yourself in the cold plunge pool. This invigorating experience is followed by another, longer visit to the banya and another cold plunge. The platza is typically performed on the third trip into the banya, when the body is loosened up and the mind is relaxed.

Venik and Platza...

voda spa has, as its heart, a contemporary and elegant expression of a venerable Russian tradition – the dry sauna, or banya. This ancient practice involves heated rocks, water, aromatic essential oils and the hallmark of the banya ritual, the platza: a rigorous massage performed with the Venik: a leafy, fragrant bundles of oak, birch or eucaliptus that are soaked in warm water.
Platza master massages the warmed and relaxed skin with the venik branches, using a series of rhythmic taps and strokes. This motion both generates heat over the body and releases the essential oils from the leaves. The platza is said to draw out impurities, improve circulation, prevent premature aging of the skin, improve metabolism and refresh the spirit.

It may seem at first that the banya is extreme, but the rejuvenating and restorative benefits, coupled with the unique experience will have you wanting more.

After your experience in the banya, relax and enjoy a cool beverage or cup of tea in the spa lounge, take a dip in the swimming pool, or simply sit back and enjoy the effects of this ancient tradition.

S’Lyohkim Parom!! Have a good bath!!

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